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Makin’ Artstuffs

I don’t usually get sick. I’ve started biking around the city in an attempt to get my body moving more, and it seems the “fresh” San Francisco air has caused me to come down with a terrible cold. Go figure.

The benefit of illness is it forces me to stay indoors and gives me an opportunity to pay attention to hobbies I otherwise tend to neglect. Illustrator took care of me, taking my mind of the rapidly growing pile of Kleenex on my floor. Date night with AI, here’s the result.


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Beginning of the Timeline

About three years ago in 2011 — before Animate, before joining Adobe, before motion paths, gradients, responsive scaling and audio —  there was Edge. Edge (now rebranded as “Edge Animate” as a celebration of our 1.0) was a beta project being worked on by Adobe not yet released to the public.

EdgeProtoThe original Edge prototype created by Josh Hatwich and Mark Anders.

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How my Perception of Women in Tech Got Flipped Upside-Down in 15 Minutes

Before I begin, let me be clear on one thing: I am not a feminist. I’m fairly unsympathetic to the notion of women being unable to pursue their dreams in whatever capacity they choose simply because they’re women. I often roll my eyes at campaigns that cast women in a negative light alongside men – such as this anti-sexism spot by Pantene which recently made waves across the Internet — because it further perpetuates the stereotype that women ought to be considered an oppressed minority in the workplace. Totally understand there’s a world for that and that’s cool, just not my thing. Love what you do, own it, make goals for yourself and devote every waking second of your being to achieve them. Gender isn’t a deciding factor in one’s ability to get shit done.

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The Onions of Modern Infographics

The web is brimming with infographics. Where did they start, and where are they headed? What are the principles intrepid infographic designers abide by, and how do they apply to you? In this article we’ll discuss the illimitable power of data visualization, how to approach good infographic design and the importance of interactive design on the web.

Infographics are a timeless way to represent data, and have been used for centuries much in the same way we use them today. When used properly, infographics make it easier to quickly convey a wealth of information in a small amount of space to communicate otherwise dry or hard to interpret information.

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Create Click and Touch Draggable Scrubbers with Edge Animate CC

Ever want to control your timeline animations in Animate with a scrubber? Here’s the sample to do so! Download the below files to learn how to create draggable scrubbers (both horizontal and vertical) so you can drag to control the timeline of symbols in Edge Animate CC. Use this technique to create scrubbable timelines, infographics, guide your audience through a story or anything else you can think of. These samples work for both touch and mouse events so they’re mobile and desktop friendly.

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A Designer’s Role in a Digital World of Code

As a print designer, is there a real need for you to learn to code?

There’s a number of lucrative reasons to take the bull by the horns and dive into front-end web languages including HTML, CSS and JavaScript. But why is this important? Coding isn’t the final product, so how does it apply to you? When designing in Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign or any other design application, code can be a blissful afterthought as you create, but it certainly plays an integral role in the final product that you do produce when targeting digital mediums. In order to produce the highest quality design possible, you need to know what goes into it. That requires learning code.

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Lucent UI
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Lucent UI – A free, vector-based and retina ready UI kit

I love UI kits and so can you. My inner designer has been nagging for a fresh project and the result is Lucent UI, a new UI kit fresh out of the Photoshop oven. I took a slightly different approach to the design of this kit, placing an emphasis on graphing and plotting (bitches love data visualization) over traditional UI elements. Some of the charts are linked as Illustrator Smart Objects for easier replotting of visual data points. Every element is vector based, retina ready and distributed through layers. Text and colours are easily editable. This kit is completely free for use for personal or commercial projects.

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Sexy Web Design Trends of 2013 (and how to get your hands on them)

Over the years we’ve seen the web reach unimaginable heights as a medium for storytelling, presentation and digital experiences. Leveraging HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and other flourishing web languages, 2013 has been an exceptional year for web professionals to target the HTML platform as a way to tell their story. Below are some sexy, creative examples web designers and developers are using to harness the potential of the web – and how you can get your hands on these great techniques.

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Taking a Quick First Glance at iOS7

Today I dusted off my iOS developer account to give the beta release of iOS7 a try. After some light research which yielded some skeptical opinions of the new OS, I decided to look for myself.

When reading the following review, keep in mind I’m a seasoned jailbreaker so my opnions of new features may come with some skeptical undertones. At least the core functionality I longed for with a jailbreak is now here in iOS7, which I’ll dive into below.

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Create Scale-to-Fit Projects with Adobe Edge Animate

Update: Thanks for all your feedback guys — this tutorial is now a shipping feature in Edge Animate CC (3.0)! Learn more about the new features on YouTube or just go get it from

In this tutorial I’ll show you how to create scale-to-fit compositions with Adobe Edge Animate which keep their aspect ratio on resize.

See the live sample

Download the sample files


Update: You guys have been asking how to make this script respond to height, and one of our awesome Animate forum users wrote up the solution (thanks jkuo1!)

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