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A few months ago, during a glorious week off of laying on my couch in pajamas surrounded by takeout containers, a mind-numbing amount of time was spent deciphering the beautiful indie game Fez. The perpetual state of unbrushed hair and pizza fingers is easily attributed to the tunnel vision caused by need to solve just one more goddamned puzzle, so I can put down my XBOX controller and sleep. I’ve always been a sucker for side-scrollers.

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Makin’ Artstuffs

I don’t usually get sick. I’ve started biking around the city in an attempt to get my body moving more, and it seems the “fresh” San Francisco air has caused me to come down with a terrible cold. Go figure.

The benefit of illness is it forces me to stay indoors and gives me an opportunity to pay attention to hobbies I otherwise tend to neglect. Illustrator took care of me, taking my mind of the rapidly growing pile of Kleenex on my floor. Date night with AI, here’s the result.


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Lucent UI
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Lucent UI – A free, vector-based and retina ready UI kit

I love UI kits and so can you. My inner designer has been nagging for a fresh project and the result is Lucent UI, a new UI kit fresh out of the Photoshop oven. I took a slightly different approach to the design of this kit, placing an emphasis on graphing and plotting (bitches love data visualization) over traditional UI elements. Some of the charts are linked as Illustrator Smart Objects for easier replotting of visual data points. Every element is vector based, retina ready and distributed through layers. Text and colours are easily editable. This kit is completely free for use for personal or commercial projects.

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Watch Me Draw: Taking a Sketch from Paper to Vector with Illustrator

I’ve never been skilled in the pen to paper department. When I’m feeling creative, I usually rough out some ideas which map to a more-or-less completed digital version that lives inside my head; I find I’m able to be more expressive when dealing with colours and paths in real time. As a fun experiment, I recorded a live capture of the process taken going from paper to outlines with Adobe Illustrator.

Hope you have as much fun watching as I did creating!

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