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I don’t usually get sick. I’ve started biking around the city in an attempt to get my body moving more, and it seems the “fresh” San Francisco air has caused me to come down with a terrible cold. Go figure.

The benefit of illness is it forces me to stay indoors and gives me an opportunity to pay attention to hobbies I otherwise tend to neglect. Illustrator took care of me, taking my mind of the rapidly growing pile of Kleenex on my floor. Date night with AI, here’s the result.


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Web Love

Beginning of the Timeline

About three years ago in 2011 — before Animate, before joining Adobe, before motion paths, gradients, responsive scaling and audio —  there was Edge. Edge (now rebranded as “Edge Animate” as a celebration of our 1.0) was a beta project being worked on by Adobe not yet released to the public.

EdgeProtoThe original Edge prototype created by Josh Hatwich and Mark Anders.

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