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Today I join the blogging elite. After much procrastination and excuses, I’ve decided to finally launch a redesign of my site centralized around random ramblings and tutorials on awesome stuff. The refresher was long overdue; the previous site was a relic of my college days showcasing a design portfolio in hopes of picking up employment.

Saying goodbye to the old portfolio.

Saying goodbye to the old portfolio.


So who I am? My name is Sarah, currently employed by the fabulous Adobe Systems as a Product Manager focused on HTML tooling. Footsteps along my career path include video editing, graphic design, illustration, Flash animation and front-end web development. Due to my short attention span and constantly poking my nose into other peoples business, you can expect to see tangents like these as well as tutorials and other informative posts related to design, web, and innovative HTML technologies.

I find myself running dozens of thoughts on multiple tracks, often leading to mental bottlenecking until I find an outlet for communication. Instead of continuing to drop Mentos into the bottle of Diet Coke that is my mind, I’ve started this blog in an attempt to communicate my thoughts in a way that isn’t a carbonated geyser mess. Writing is good for cleansing the mental palette.

So, hello world. It’s nice to meet you.

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  1. vincent-b
    - Reply

    So welcome to you to. Usually I’d have added your RSS to Google reader but considering recent events I don’t feel like it… I just hope you’ll tweet when blogging :)

    I’m following because I’m hoping to see Edge Animate wonders around here.

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