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Watch Me Draw: Taking a Sketch from Paper to Vector with Illustrator

I’ve never been skilled in the pen to paper department. When I’m feeling creative, I usually rough out some ideas which map to a more-or-less completed digital version that lives inside my head; I find I’m able to be more expressive when dealing with colours and paths in real time. As a fun experiment, I recorded a live capture of the process taken going from paper to outlines with Adobe Illustrator.

Hope you have as much fun watching as I did creating!

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Animated Progress Bars with CSS3

Here is a fun demonstration on how you can create your own responsive, animated progress bars using nothing but pure CSS3. No images were harmed in the making of this tutorial. Resize your browser window to see the sample resize.

The below examples are supported on IE10+, Firefox, Opera and Safari.

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Things I wish I knew before I knew them

Graphic design touches a lot of areas, used an an umbrella term to cover print, web, typography, branding, and more. The path to a successful design career can be challenging. The road isn’t always well paved and more closely resembles a sinkhole-laden dirt road covered with unruly shrubs and speedbumps. A recently reflection on my years spent in the design world eventuated a list of things I wish I knew before I knew them. If you’re an aspiring designer, just starting your career, feeling a little lost or not sure if you have what it takes to get into this field this post is for you.

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What’s in a Filter?

CSS built-in filters (available by default in webkit browsers) are a powerful introduction to the CSS spec, which bring eye-catching visual effects to the web. Backed by hardware acceleration, filters provide a fast and simple way to style your content. But how do they work? Think of filters as post-processing step similar to how you would edit effects in Photoshop. The browser takes a snapshot of the page, grabs the pixel data, styles your elements, and then serves it back to you with the filter effect intact.

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Exhibit A: Half-Eaten Broccoli on the Floor

Today I woke up to find the above specimen of half-eaten broccoli on the floor. The mystery is not who ate the broccoli. Powers of deduction point to my cat who shows no hesitation to eating things cats typically shouldn’t ingest. No, the mystery is where the broccoli came from. This broccoli is fresh and new. However, I have not brought broccoli into the apartment in weeks. No leftovers, no takeout spilled on the floor.

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Hello world!

Today I join the blogging elite. After much procrastination and excuses, I’ve decided to finally launch a redesign of my site centralized around random ramblings and tutorials on awesome stuff. The refresher was long overdue; the previous site was a relic of my college days showcasing a design portfolio in hopes of picking up employment.

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